Your First Check - Enzymatic Detergents and Sponges

Our enzymatic detergent contains unique three-enzyme blend to provide you with confident and effective cleaning.



Enzymatic Sponges

Our Enzymatic Sponges are Your First Check in the Endoscope cleaning process. They are all pre-treated with PrAmLi Power3 Enzymes to provide the most effective pre-clean or surface clean solution.

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Enzymatic Foaming Spray

Our Enzymatic Foaming Spray is the ideal First Check to the instrument pre-cleaning process. The thick foam spray breaks down all bioburden to allow for effective cleaning and sterilization. 

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Enzymatic Detergents

We also offer Low Foam, Mild Foam and Super Concentrate Detergents for the pre-cleaning process of your instruments. 

These enzymatic cleaners are formulated to be especially effective in the removal of organic material found on instruments.

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